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5 Common Causes of Basement Problems

Walking down to your basement and finding puddles or furniture floating in floodwater is a shock to the system. Your heart sinks, your mind races, and you panic. 

You might be asking yourself, “Where did all this water come from?” 

Many homeowners face basement issues – including excessive moisture, mold, water damage, and flooding – but they may not realize the root causes. 

Let us help you understand the leading reasons behind these common problems and how our expert team at BQ Basements & Concrete can help. 

Sources of Basement Water Problems

Your basement can fall victim to damage for a variety of reasons. Here are the five most common sources: 

1. The Clay Bowl Effect

During the construction of your home, a pit is dug to accommodate the foundation and basement. Once construction is complete, the soil is filled back in and compacted as best as possible. 

However, the soil will never return to its original density, creating a “fluffed” consistency that allows more water to flow through during heavy rain. This can lead to water collecting in a “clay bowl” around your basement – making it more vulnerable to water intrusion through the foundation walls and basement cove. 

You can fight back against the effects of pooling water with reliable water management solutions, including interior drainage, a sump pump, a wall vapor barrier, and a dehumidifier

2. Hydrostatic Pressure

When it comes to your basement, hydrostatic pressure can wreak havoc on your structure. This pressure is caused by soil expanding as it soaks up water, pushing against your walls, and causing cracks and even collapse. 

Expansive clay soil – common in the Philadelphia area – is particularly prone to this issue. But don’t worry, there are solutions! 

Structural support options like wall braces and reinforcement can help, as can water management with interior drainage and sump pump systems.

3. Faulty Sump Pump

Don’t assume that only homes without sump pumps are prone to basement flooding. Even homes with older or poorly maintained sump pumps are vulnerable to this costly and damaging problem. 

Various factors can cause sump pumps to fail – from heavy rainfall and flooding to debris blockage and frozen discharge lines, as well as power outages. But the good news is all these issues can be easily avoided by ensuring proper maintenance of your system. 

Invest in safety upgrades like backup batteries and anti-freeze exterior discharge line attachments to safeguard your home from basement flooding. 

4. Other Interior Leaks

Along with a leaking sump pump, water can infiltrate your basement from other interior sources. 

Water heaters can rust and leak over time, as can washers and other water-reliant appliances. Plumbing pipes can burst, sewage lines can clog and overflow, and toilets can follow suit. 

Regular appliance inspections and maintenance goes a long way in protecting your basement, along with installing water management systems above. You’ll also benefit from insulating your pipes to prevent bursts during cold winter months. 

5. Poor Foundation Drainage

Exterior systems like your gutters and downspouts play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy basement. Lacking or poor foundation drainage is a significant contributing factor. If your gutters or downspouts are blocked or damaged, rainwater and snowmelt can seep into the soil around your foundation. This leads to hydrostatic pressure and the clay bowl effect. 

With regular gutter and downspout maintenance, you can prevent these issues, keep your basement safe and dry, and rest easy knowing your home is secure. 

BQ Experts Can Evaluate and Repair Your Leaky Basement for Free

Water and all the problems it causes can wreak havoc on your home. Don’t let these issues ruin your belongings and impact your quality of life. For reliable basement waterproofing around Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware, choose a long-lasting solution that won’t break the bank. At BQ Basements & Concrete, our certified inspectors will assess your entire home for free to pinpoint the root cause of the issue and stop it at its source. 

Booking your inspection is simple and hassle-free. We provide a no-obligation quote on-site, so you can explore all our waterproofing solutions without any commitments. Get started today by scheduling your free basement inspection and waterproofing estimate! 

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