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Basement Dehumidifier

Humidity, mold, and musty odors are common basement problems that can damage your home and health. BQ Basements & Concrete’s AquaStop™ Basement Air System is an efficient dehumidifier and filtration system that solves these problems, creating a dry, comfortable basement and a healthier home. 

As the foremost authority in basement waterproofing and humidity management, BQ Basements & Concrete’s expertise lies in providing complete basement solutions to ensure a healthy home environment. 

This page guides you through our exclusive basement waterproofing solutions and illustrates how they enhance your well-being and overall quality of life, empowering you to make the optimal choice for your residence. 

What is the AquaStop™ Basement Dehumidifier? 

The AquaStop™ Basement Dehumidifier System represents cutting-edge dehumidification technology engineered to tackle basement humidity issues with precision. 

Capable of extracting up to 100 pints of moisture from the air every day and circulating over 300 cubic feet of dry air per minute to dry out even the largest basements quickly and efficiently, this system delivers powerful performance. Despite its high efficiency, it boasts a sleek, compact design, eliminating the bulkiness often associated with traditional dehumidifiers. 

As an integral component of our comprehensive basement waterproofing and humidity control solution, our system tackles water seepage through interior drainage and sump pump systems, while also addressing vapor intrusion with a robust wall vapor barrier. The final step involves the installation of a dehumidifier in your basement to eliminate residual humidity. 

This holistic approach ensures a dry, healthy environment not only in your basement but throughout your entire home as well. 

Signs You Need a Basement Dehumidifier 

If you encounter any of the following concerns, it’s a clear signal that a dehumidification solution is necessary: 

Identifying early signs of humidity problems and seeking professional assistance at the first sign of them is crucial in preventing the development of more severe issues. 

When you observe any of these indicators or suspect an issue in your basement, contact BQ Basements & Concrete. Acting quickly saves time, money, and unnecessary stress. 

Is a Basement Dehumidifier Necessary? 

Yes, a basement dehumidifier is a vital necessity, not just a luxury. Lingering humidity in basements can lead to mold growth, structural damage, escalating repair costs, and an unhealthy home. 

Conventional dehumidifiers are not powerful enough to handle large basements and copious amounts of moisture. They also require frequent emptying, which can be inconvenient and messy. 

BQ Basements & Concrete’s AquaStop™ Basement Air System is a powerful and efficient dehumidifier that can actively drain moisture from the air and control the environment in your basement. It is an essential part of our whole-home solution to help you avoid the challenges of basement humidity. 

What Are the Benefits of the AquaStop™ Basement Air System? 

The AquaStop™ Air System presents a host of benefits, which include: 

  • High Moisture Removal Capacity: The AquaStop™ Air System boasts an industry-leading capacity of up to 100 pints per day, swiftly reducing humidity levels. Its robust airflow ensures dry air circulates effectively throughout your basement. 
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Our unit offers cost-effective operation compared to other dehumidifiers, making it a sustainable choice. 
  • Mold Prevention: By maintaining a relative humidity level below 60%, our basement dehumidifier effectively prevents mold growth on surfaces. 
  • Odor Elimination: Stale, musty odors are eradicated as moisture levels decrease. The AquaStop™ Basement Air System filters the air, leaving your basement smelling fresh. 
  • Whole-Home Benefits: The reduction of humidity in your basement translates to a drier and healthier environment throughout your entire home. This helps prevent the spread of moisture-related issues to upper levels. 

Utilizing our exclusive solutions and relying on our expert installation services is essential for maximizing these advantages. Our products are designed to outperform generic alternatives, ensuring unparalleled quality. 

How the AquaStop™ Basement Air System Works 

When we install the AquaStop™ Basement Air System, we adhere to the following steps: 

  • We conduct a thorough inspection of the basement and evaluate dehumidification needs 
  • Apply a vapor barrier to cover the basement walls 
  • Implement an interior drainage system 
  • Install a sump pump in the lowest point of the basement 
  • Connect the interior drains to the sump pump 
  • Optimize airflow circulation by strategically placing the dehumidification unit 
  • Connect the air system to the drainage system or condensate hose for efficient water disposal 
  • Set and program digital controls to desired settings 
  • Conduct testing to verify optimal moisture removal performance 

BQ Basements & Concrete has over 20 years of experience in basement waterproofing. We tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each home. 

Why Our Basement Dehumidifier is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Here’s why professional-grade dehumidifiers like the AquaStop™ Basement Air System surpass other options: 

  • Impressive Capacity: Extracts up to 100 pints daily 
  • Hassle-Free Draining: Moisture is automatically drained, eliminating the need for manual emptying 
  • High Efficiency: Circulates over 300 cubic feet of dry air per minute 
  • Trusted Performance: Holds an ENERGYSTAR rating for reliability 
  • Tailored Design: Specifically engineered for basements, setting it apart from standard retail dehumidifiers 
  • Space-Saving: Compact size conserves room while ensuring powerful operation 
  • Extended Assurance: Comes with our inclusive warranty and annual maintenance plan for long-term protection. 

Experience a new standard of dehumidification with the AquaStop™ Basement Air System.  

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Basement Dehumidification Solutions Today! 

A damp, moldy, and musty basement can pose significant health and safety risks to your home and family. Embrace an enhanced living environment through the installation of a professionally designed dehumidifier. Contact BQ Basements & Concrete today to arrange a complimentary inspection and estimate.  

Homeowners in Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey have trusted us to repair and safeguard their homes for over 20 years. They have relied on our exceptional customer service and high-quality solutions. Experience peace of mind with expert basement waterproofing solutions from BQ Basements & Concrete.


The AquaStop™ Basement Air System is engineered to function autonomously, yet it can also be smoothly incorporated with specific HVAC systems using a ducting kit. For additional information and to schedule a complimentary inspection and estimate, reach out to BQ Basements & Concrete. 

Typically, installation is completed in less than a day, though this may vary depending on factors such as your basement’s condition and any necessary repairs. We work diligently to ensure minimal disruption. Our experts can offer a detailed timeline during a complimentary inspection appointment. 

The AquaStop™ Basement Dehumidifier requires regular maintenance, including cleaning the filter and emptying the condensate bucket. The frequency of maintenance varies depending on the use of the dehumidifier and the environmental conditions.  

Our annual maintenance plans help extend the life of your AquaStop™ system and ensure it continues to operate efficiently. BQ Basements & Concrete technicians inspect your system, clean and replace filters, and empty the condensate bucket as needed. Contact us today to learn more. 

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