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BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System

Battling a wet basement is a common challenge for homeowners but shouldn’t be considered normal. Such conditions are not only detrimental to your living environment but also pose threats to your home’s structure. 

BQ Basements & Concrete’s BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System is a reliable, long-term solution to your watery problems. As your trusted partner in basement waterproofing, we deliver a whole-home solution, uniquely crafted to meet your specific requirements. 

Explore this page to understand why our interior drainage system stands out as the best choice for maintaining a safe, dry basement. 

What is BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage?

BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage is an innovative drainage system installed along your basement’s interior perimeter. This system diverts water, whether it’s coming from the walls or through wall-floor junctions, to your sump pump for efficient removal. 

Placed on top of the footing out of the “mud zone,” this installation ensures a clog-free design. A 3/8” wall flange guarantees any wall leaks are channeled into the BasementGutter™ system. 

This isn’t a stand-alone solution, but it is key to a whole-home waterproofing strategy, securing your peace of mind and fostering a healthy living environment. 

Signs You Need Interior Drainage 

Considering the installation of an interior drainage system if you notice: 

Minor issues can turn into big problems if not addressed, inflicting substantial damage. Choose a seasoned professional basement waterproofing company like BQ Basements & Concrete to eliminate the escalation of problems.  

Is Interior Drainage Necessary? 

Yes. Ignoring problems can lead to structural issues and ballooning repair expenses. Taking proactive measures is paramount. 

We strongly advise against DIY solutions, like”waterproof” paints and sealants. These options only offer temporary relief, and you’ll find yourself in the same situation again. Entrusting your basement waterproofing to our seasoned professionals  at BQ Basements & Concrete is the best choice. 

What Are the Benefits of the BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System? 

  • Shields Against Water Damage: Rapidly collecting and rerouting water from walls and floors, BasementGutter™ prevents potential damage, preserving your belongings and inhibiting mold development. 
  • Synergizes with Other Solutions: Designed to work in tandem with our various basement waterproofing solutions, it can also be integrated with other foundation repair systems
  • Enhances Foundation Lifespan: By averting water contact with concrete walls and floors, BasementGutter™ forestalls deterioration and cracking of your foundation. 
  • Furnishes Peace of Mind: Our dependable interior drainage system alleviates concerns, ensuring you remain worry-free even during heavy rainfall. 

To fully leverage these advantages, employing our specialized solutions and services is vital. Our custom products are engineered to surpass generic alternatives, providing optimal protection. 

How We Install BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage 

After identifying the need for our interior drainage system through a thorough home inspection, our certified installation procedure entails: 

  • Extracting 6-12 inches of concrete along the interior perimeter. 
  • Drilling weep holes into the bottom row of block walls to facilitate water flow. 
  • Positioning BasementGutter™ in the trench, followed by stone backfilling. 
  • Installing a vapor barrier. 
  • Connecting the drainage channels to your sump pump
  • Concreting the floor again. 

Our exhaustive basement waterproofing methodology may also comprise the installation of a wall vapor barrier, a dehumidifier, and an exterior sump pump discharge line attachment equipped with anti-freeze capabilities. 

Place your trust in BQ Basements & Concrete for skilled installation and long-lasting solutions. 

Why Our Interior Drainage is the Best Choice for Your Home 

BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System outshines competitors for several reasons, including: 

  • Installation above the “mud zone” 
  • Ingenious anti-clog design 
  • Efficient water collection from walls, floors, and wall-floor junctions 
  • Seamless integration with other waterproofing elements 
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage 
  • Continuous protection through annual maintenance service plans 

While alternatives like PVC pipes and retail store options often fail due to clogging and subsequent damage, our exclusive BasementGutter™ is an effective, enduring solution to maintain a dry basement for years to come. 

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Interior Drainage Solutions Today! 

Protect your home’s structural integrity and value from a wet, leaky basement with BQ Basements & Concrete’s reliable solutions. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection. 

Our interior drainage systems deliver unparalleled protection for your most significant investment. Homeowners have placed their trust in us for waterproofing and protecting their homes for more than 25 years. We’re here to assist you as well. 


Entry points for water include wall and floor cracks, leaky joints, seepage through permeable concrete, and leaks from internal plumbing or appliances. Improperly directed landscaping or gutters may also funnel water toward your foundation.  

Yes, although installing in a finished basement may require a section of the finishing material to be removed first. Waterproofing a finished basement is the best way to protect your investment. 

Yes. The systems 3/8” wall flange ensures any water leaking from the walls moves downward into the BasementGutter™ system.  A wall vapor barrier can be added to seal out moisture and create a clean, dry, usable space. 

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