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Sinking Porch

sinking, uneven concrete porch

A sinking porch impacts more than just curb appeal. Its uneven slope can pose a hazard, particularly for elderly visitors, increasing the risk of trips and falls. 

Porches may sink due to various factors, including soil erosion and settling. Neglecting these issues can result in significant damage and expensive repairs. 

At BQ Basements & Concrete, we employ cutting-edge technology and specialized services to provide optimal solutions for your sinking porch. Our state-of-the-art SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ Injection concrete lifting method efficiently addresses these concerns, guaranteeing the durability and safety of your porch and home. 

Learn about common concrete problems like sinking porches and the importance of professional concrete lifting solutions for long-lasting protection. 

What Is a Sinking Porch? 

A sinking porch is a common problem in which the porch settles or lowers, making it uneven or sloping. 

Sinking porches are often caused by unstable soil or foundation problems, which can lead to cracks, tilting, and misalignment in the porch’s structure. This can be unsightly and dangerous, as it can increase tripping hazards. 

These issues require prompt attention and the expertise of professionals to prevent further damage and uphold the structural stability of your residence. When you observe any of these concerns, contact BQ Basements & Concrete

Why Your Home Has a Sinking Porch 

Several factors can lead to a sinking concrete porch, which may include: 

  • Soil Settlement: Gradual compaction of soil beneath certain areas of the porch while other sections remain firm leads to uneven settling, a primary factor in many sinking porches. 
  • Soil Erosion: Water flow beneath the porch can erode the soil, resulting in the sinking of a specific section. Downspouts directing rainwater too close to the porch worsen erosion. 
  • Excessive Rainfall, Flooding, or Snowmelt: Floods and winter snowmelt can wash away the soil beneath a porch section, leading to sinking. 
  • Freeze-thaw Cycles: Repeated freezing and thawing of the ground, especially in expansive soils beneath uneven porch areas, can contribute to porch sinking. 
  • Growing Tree Roots: Trees extracting moisture from the soil near a porch’s foundation can lead to minor settling on one side. Roots shift the soil and can exert pressure on the porch, compromising its support. 
  • Insufficient Concrete Pouring/Curing: Incorrect concrete pouring or curing during construction can create vulnerabilities. Over time, the concrete may crack, shift, or sink due to inadequate support. 

Failing to address these problems can lead to further deterioration, potentially affecting both the porch and home’s foundation. This could result in the need for extensive and costly repairs.  

Can You Fix a Sinking Porch? 

Yes, sinking porches can be fixed. 

However, tackling this problem necessitates a comprehensive approach to home restoration. A thorough examination and a holistic solution are imperative to effectively address the underlying causes. 

While a patchwork approach may offer temporary relief, it won’t ensure enduring stability and safety. We strongly discourage DIY repairs or alternative methods like mudjacking

At BQ Basements & Concrete, we employ a proven proprietary solution that targets the root cause. Our PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections are formulated to gently and precisely elevate a sinking concrete porch, providing lasting support. 

Depending on the extent of the damage and your home’s foundation type, we may also incorporate repair solutions for foundation settlement, such as foundation piers

How to Fix a Sinking Porch 

BQ Basements & Concrete’s exclusive SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ system offers a gentle method to elevate and stabilize your concrete without the need for complete replacement. Here’s the process: 

  • Our team begins by conducting a thorough inspection to identify the root cause of the damage and to strategize the repair process. 
  • Next, small holes are carefully drilled into the sunken areas of the concrete. 
  • Custom valves are inserted into these holes, allowing precise foam injection underneath. 
  • We combine two specialized polyurethane foam components. 
  • This mixture is pumped below through the valves, rapidly expanding upon release. 
  • Within approximately 15 minutes, the high-density foam solidifies, effectively lifting the slab. 
  • Afterward, the valves are extracted, and the holes are patched. 
  • All cracks are sealed to safeguard against future water-related issues. 
  • Regular maintenance optimizes the longevity of the concrete slab repair. 

PolyRenewal™ raises concrete with precision, avoiding the need for extensive demolition. Our tailored foam solution excels in repairing sinking porches, surpassing basic mudjacking techniques. Contact BQ Basements & Concrete to arrange your free inspection and to explore this advanced procedure. 

Why Address a Sinking Porch Now 

Sinking porch repair is vital for many reasons, including: 

  • Immediate Safety Concerns: A sinking, sloped porch poses a safety risk, particularly for older individuals and those with mobility challenges. Elevating it eliminates this potential tripping hazard. 
  • Prevent Further Structural Damage: Allowing the porch to remain uneven accelerates the development of cracks and overall deterioration, as the settled section bears additional weight. Early intervention prevents extensive damage and costly repairs. 
  • Deter Water Intrusion: If the damage causes the porch to slope toward the house, it can lead to water damage on the house’s siding and potential leaks into your living space. Proper drainage away from the home is essential. 
  • Enhance Aesthetic Appeal and Property Value: Resolving the issue improves the visual curb appeal of your home’s entrance and contributes to the overall value of your property. 
  • Safeguard Your Foundation: The factors leading to a sinking porch, such as soil erosion, can also affect your home’s foundation. Professional porch repairs play a role in safeguarding your foundation. 
  • Restore Functionality: A sloped porch loses its intended functionality. Concrete lifting and other necessary repairs restore the porch to a usable state. 

BQ Basements & Concrete offers exclusive solutions for sinking porches that deliver comprehensive and enduring results. The quality of our premium products surpasses those found in big box stores or offered by other companies. 

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Reliable Concrete Lifting Solutions 

A sinking porch is more than a cosmetic issue. It can be a safety hazard and can cause damage to your home. BQ Basements & Concrete is the trusted concrete lifting contractor for Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware service areas. We provide expert solutions to lift and repair concrete, ensuring the protection of your home. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection. We’ll customize a solution that aligns with your home’s unique requirements and budget. Our cutting-edge repair techniques and dedication to exceptional customer service set us apart as the premier concrete lifting service.


Sinking porch repairs are usually completed within one day. Factors that influence the timeline include the extent of the damage, your home’s foundation type, and the chosen repair solution. For instance, your porch might need polyurethane injections and/or foundation piers. Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for a free inspection and a precise estimate of the project’s timeline. 

The cost of concrete lifting for your porch will vary depending on the size of the porch, the severity of the damage, and the best solution for your home’s situation. BQ Basements & Concrete offers cost estimates and financing options to make the repair process affordable. 

Homeowner’s insurance typically doesn’t cover concrete porch repair because sinking is considered gradual settlement damage. Contact your insurance carrier to review your policy’s specifics to confirm. 

We make concrete porch repair affordable and accessible with various financing and maintenance plans.  

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