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Crew Installing Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Crawl Space Flooding

Learn where the water may be coming from and what problems you may notice if left untreated.

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Water in crawl space

If you’ve recently visited your crawl space only to find out it has flooded, you are not alone. Homes all over the Philadelphia area deal with flooded crawl spaces. And it’s not just the immediate flood you have to worry about, when the water dries it becomes humidity. Humidity doesn’t just stay in your crawl space, it travels throughout your home causing everything from high energy bills to structural damage.

If you have crawl space flooding, contact BQ Basements & Concrete. The sooner your crawl space is dry and clean, the less money you’ll spend in the long run.

Learn where the water may be coming from and what problems you may notice if left untreated.

Common Reasons For Water In Your Crawl Space

Finding the cause of water flooding in your crawl space is almost as important as dying it out. It’s critical to find the root cause, not just the surface issue. Here are a few common reasons.

Wall Cracks

Wall cracks can cause both structural problems and waterproofing problems. Even if a crack looks small, when the soil surrounding your foundation becomes saturated, water will find the path of least resistance. A small foundation crack could be just that option.

Failing Gutters

The purpose of gutters is to divert rainwater away from your foundation. However, when you have failing or damaged gutters, the water is dumped directly next to your home, completely defeating the purpose and leading to heavily saturated soil directly next to your foundation.

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks can happen for a number of reasons, one common cause is pipe freezing. When your crawl space isn’t insulated, your pipes become venerable to freezing. If you are noticing higher than average water bills, be sure to check your crawl space for a plumbing leak.

Poor Grading

The slope of your landscaping should direct water away from your foundation. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Either during the initial construction or overtime, the grade of your home may now send water towards your home, where water can pool at the foundation. This water creates added pressure against the foundation walls and can eventually lead to structural issues.

Flooded Crawl Space Problems


mold on wood in crawl space

Maybe the most obvious issue resulting from crawl space flooding is mold and mildew. Both need a dark, damp environment to thrive, unfortunately, your crawl space is just the place. Although it may seem like the mold in your crawl space won’t affect the rest of your home, because of the stack effect 50% of the air you breathe actually comes from the crawl space. When mold is involved, you could be risking your family’s health.

Musty Odors

Standing water and mold have a uniquely identifiable odor. These smells make their way into your living area and the quality of the air will suffer, not to mention it’s embarrassing to family and guests.

Bugs & Pests

Like mold, pests also enjoy damp, dark areas. Water can attract bugs and pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and rodents. Pests can cause severe damage in your crawl space and find easy access to the living areas of your home.

High Energy Bills

As mentioned earlier, humid air from a flooded crawl space moves through the home. As this happens your home becomes less comfortable almost instantly. Humid air feels warmer, so homeowners are likely to crank the air conditioning to cool the house down. This leads to high energy bills.

Prevent Crawl Space Flooding in PA, NJ & DE

The experts at BQ Basements & Concrete have proven solutions to stop crawl space flooding permanently. Schedule a free crawl space inspection with one of our trained experts at BQ Basements & Concrete. For nearly 20 years the trained specialists have been inspecting homes just like yours to determine the best procedures and products to keep your crawl space dry.

Let us show you the difference a clean, dry crawl space can make in your life. We offer a wide range of waterproofing services to parts of PA, NJ and DE including the Greater Philadelphia area, Camden, Trenton, Cape May, Atlantic City, Wilmington, Dover and the surrounding area.


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