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Sagging Floors

Ensure that your floors not only serve as walkways but as a robust support system for your home’s structure, free from unsightly sags or dips. 

Beyond aesthetic concerns, sagging floors are indicative of underlying structural issues that demand professional attention to prevent further deterioration. 

This prevalent issue is often associated with your crawl space. As moisture and pests infiltrate, their impact extends to your living area, highlighting the need for prompt action. 

BQ Basements & Concrete specializes in comprehensive solutions for crawl space repairs. Our SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks provide enduring support to your floor joists and surfaces, guaranteeing your home regains a stable foundation. 

Explore the causes and signs of sagging floors, recognize the importance of addressing them, and witness how BQ Basements & Concrete effectively resolves flooring issues with professional expertise. 

What Are Sagging Floors? 

Sagging floors are characterized by a noticeable slope, slant, or dip between supporting walls or beams, resulting in an uneven walking surface that may convey sensations of springiness, bounce, or an unsettling feeling of potential collapse. 

This occurrence is attributed to the bending or twisting of floor joists beneath the subfloor, succumbing to the weight they bear, serving as a clear indication of a compromise in your home’s structural integrity. 

Beyond the visible signs, sagging floors can lead to various issues, including creaking noises, potential tripping hazards, furniture rattling, and an overall unattractive appearance. 

Additional indicators of sagging floors include the following: 

In extreme cases, sagging floors may entirely disengage from the supporting wall or beam. This occurrence indicates substantial underlying issues and underscores the risk of further deterioration if neglected. Prompt professional intervention is essential when the initial signs of damage appear. 

What Causes Sagging Floors? 

Sagging floors occur for many reasons, including: 

  • Water: Excessive moisture or leaks in the crawl space can permeate wood, acting like a sponge. This absorption initiates wood rot, warping, cracking, bending, and overall deterioration. 
  • Pests: Infestations by wood-boring insects, particularly termites, pose a significant threat to floor joists and subflooring. 
  • Floor Joist Issues: Over spanned floor joists that result in insufficient support for flooring. 
  • Poor Installation: Improperly nailed or designed floor joists may cause sagging floors. 
  • Foundation Damage: Foundation settlement and shifting beneath the floor joists can lead to misalignment. 
  • Wear and Tear: The aging and gradual degradation of flooring components contribute to various flooring issues. 

Promptly recognizing and addressing the underlying causes of sagging floors with professional guidance is essential for effectively resolving the issue. 

Can You Fix Sagging Floors? 

Yes, sagging floors can be restored, but it necessitates professional expertise for a thorough repair. DIY solutions, such as installing new boards or employing temporary jacks, often fall short of addressing the underlying issues. Venturing into your crawl space can be hazardous and is best handled by professionals equipped with the necessary protective gear and expertise. 

Effectively addressing sagging floors through a comprehensive, whole-home solution is paramount for lasting results. At BQ Basements & Concrete, we offer specialized solutions crafted to effectively address sagging floors, prevent recurrent issues, and ensure your home’s sustained safety and stability. 

How BQ Basements & Concrete Fixes Sagging Floors 

We address sagging floors through the following steps: 

  • Conduct a thorough professional crawl space inspection. 
  • Identify the root causes of damage and propose appropriate repair solutions. 
  • Strengthen floors using IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks
  • Customize the jacks to the exact height of the crawl space. 
  • Adjust the jacks to achieve the correct height. 

Our innovative IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks are designed to fortify sagging floor joists, adhering to the highest industry standards to ensure the enduring structural integrity of your home. 

With an impressive allowable load capacity exceeding 24,000 lbs. per support jack, our system provides reinforcement for even the most severe cases of sagging floors. Our expert team also performs periodic adjustments, potentially restoring your floors to their original level. 

Distinguished from basic post jacks found at local home stores, BQ Basements & Concrete’s products are engineered for superior performance. We surpass surface-level fixes by addressing root causes, ensuring a stable foundation for the long term. 

Why Address Sagging Floors Now 

It is crucial to address sagging floors immediately. Here’s why: 

  • Secure Your Home: Take prompt action to halt floor sagging and forestall additional issues, such as cracks in walls or ceilings and sticking windows and doors, ensuring the overall well-being of your home. 
  • Prevent Unnecessary Expenses: Addressing the matter early streamlines the repair process and saves costs. Avoid DIY repairs, potentially avoiding the necessity for complete floor and subfloor replacements. 
  • Enhanced Safety: By eliminating tripping hazards, you establish a safer environment for your family and visitors. 
  • Elevate Property Value: A structurally sound home not only maintains but also enhances its value and curb appeal, safeguarding your investment. 

Our proprietary solutions not only stabilize your home’s foundation but also possess the capability to rejuvenate your floors, transforming them into solid, level surfaces that instill a sense of security underfoot. 

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Reliable Repair Solutions

If you detect signs of sagging floors in your home, contact BQ Basements & Concrete for a complimentary inspection. Our skilled team will take a thorough approach to identifying the root causes of your sagging floors and addressing more than just the visible symptoms.  

Our exclusive crawl space jacks and integrated services provide lasting support where it’s needed most. We offer financing options to make our services fit your budget. 


The expense of repairing sagging floors varies based on the severity of the damage, the size of the installation area, and the selected solution. Through a complimentary inspection, the experts at BQ Basements & Concrete will provide a detailed estimate, offering you a comprehensive understanding of the associated costs and the available financing options. 

The timeframe for addressing sagging floors is determined by the extent of the damage and the necessary repairs. However, BQ Basements & Concrete professionals prioritize efficiency to minimize disruptions to your daily life. Typically, repairs can be finalized within a day or two. For a complimentary inspection, a no-obligation estimate, and a comprehensive project timeline, contact BQ Basements & Concrete

The approach to repairing sagging floors depends on the severity of the damage to the crawl space floor joists and floors. BQ Basements & Concrete’s exclusive IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks can rectify sagging floors and restore your home’s stability. Our experts will assess the cause of the damage and recommend the most suitable repair during a complimentary crawl space inspection

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