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Crawl Space Dehumidifier 

Persistent dampness, elevated humidity levels, mold growth, and unpleasant odors are common challenges affecting crawl spaces, posing risks to your home and family’s well-being. Fortunately, effective prevention measures are available. 

At BQ Basements & Concrete, our expertise and reliable crawl space encapsulation solutions enable us to directly address moisture issues. Our seamlessly integrated AquaStop™ Crawl Space Air System, a key element of our comprehensive crawl space encapsulation process, adeptly manages moisture, putting a halt to its detrimental effects. 

Homeowners in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware trust BQ Basements & Concrete as the leading authority in crawl space encapsulation and dehumidification in the region to safeguard their homes. 

Explore this page to learn about the advantages of crawl space dehumidification and why it is a wise investment for your home. 

What is the AquaStop™ Crawl Space Air System? 

The AquaStop™ Crawl Space Air System goes beyond conventional dehumidifiers; it is a comprehensive moisture management solution that purifies and filters the air, regulates crawl space humidity, neutralizes odors, and prevents mold growth. 

Specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of crawl spaces, AquaStop™ boasts impressive high-capacity performance, effectively removing up to 100 pints of moisture daily. Establishing a dry environment effectively eliminates the risk of mold growth, structural damage, and pest infestations. 

The AquaStop™ system is not a standalone unit; it plays a crucial role within a broader whole-home health strategy. 

Crawl space repair often requires a holistic approach to moisture control, involving tasks such as sealing vents, installing sump pumps, and completing encapsulation with a vapor barrier. When integrated with these methods, this revolutionary air system ensures that your crawl space and home remain structurally sound, healthy, and dry. 

Signs You Need a Crawl Space Dehumidifier 

A crawl space dehumidifier may benefit your home if you’ve experienced any of the following: 

These issues indicate excessive moisture or drainage problems in your crawl space that require immediate attention. Early identification and timely expert assistance are essential to preventing more severe problems. 

Is a Crawl Space Dehumidifier Necessary? 

Yes, a crawl space dehumidifier is essential to your home and family’s safety. 

Effectively managing humidity is vital to maintaining your home’s structural integrity, air quality, and overall comfort. A dedicated crawl space dehumidifier not only halts ongoing damage but also acts as a safeguard against future issues. 

Avoid employing a standard DIY dehumidifier for crawl space moisture control. These consumer-grade appliances are ill-equipped to tackle the demanding task of dehumidifying the large, persistently humid environments of most crawl spaces. Their restricted capacity and power will necessitate continual tank emptying, even when the unit operates nonstop, making your efforts ultimately ineffective. 

For the best results, trust BQ Basements & Concrete’s innovative crawl space dehumidification system. Our whole-home solutions address current moisture issues and offer defense against potential recurrences. 

What Are the Benefits of the AquaStop™ Crawl Space Air System? 

Our comprehensive crawl space air system provides several benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced Air Quality: The AquaStop™ efficiently manages humidity, minimizing mold growth and musty odors, ensuring an enhanced breathing experience within your home. 
  • Robust Structural Integrity: Warding off excess moisture is essential to prevent wood rot, corrosion, and damage to your home’s foundation and structure over time. By effectively controlling crawl space humidity, our system not only preserves real estate value but also mitigates the need for expensive repairs. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Prioritizing efficiency, our ENERGY STAR-rated dehumidifier reduces energy bills, reflecting our commitment to conservation. 
  • Pest Prevention: Damp crawl spaces attract termites and pests. The dehumidifier acts as a deterrent by eliminating this inviting habitat, safeguarding your home against unwanted nuisances. 

Unlock the full potential of these benefits by integrating our exclusive solutions and professional services. Our proprietary products are engineered to outperform retail alternatives. 

How the AquaStop™ Crawl Space Air System Works 

Upon integrating the AquaStop™ Crawl Space Air System into a comprehensive home solution, we follow this approach: 

As crawl space repair specialists, we ensure the dehumidifier seamlessly integrates with your encapsulation, delivering optimal performance. 

Why Our Crawl Space Dehumidifier is the Best Choice for Your Home 

BQ Basements & Concrete’s crawl space air system is unique from conventional alternatives in the following ways: 

  • Energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR rating 
  • Its high capacity removes up to 100 pints of moisture daily. 
  • Self-draining and quiet operation. 
  • Low-impact design and optional ducting. 
  • Full warranty and annual maintenance service plan

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Crawl Space Dehumidification Solutions Today! 

Maintaining a dry and well-kept crawl space not only improves your home’s air quality but also safeguards your family’s health. For over three decades, BQ Basements & Concrete has been the premier choice for homeowners in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware, consistently entrusted with protecting their properties through personalized solutions. 

Schedule a free inspection to experience the exceptional quality that makes BQ Basements & Concrete the forefront choice for crawl space dehumidification. 


Our crawl space dehumidifier, with its low-profile design, is suitable for installation in most crawl spaces. Schedule a free inspection with BQ Basements & Concrete to discover the best crawl space waterproofing solution for your home. 

The installation costs for a crawl space dehumidifier and encapsulation vary based on factors like size, condition, and necessary repairs. BQ Basements & Concrete provides free inspections, no-obligation estimates, and financing options customized to fit your budget. 

Ensure your crawl space dehumidifier maintains peak performance with our annual maintenance program. When BQ Basements & Concrete installs your home’s crawl space dehumidifier and other encapsulation solutions, you can enroll in our comprehensive maintenance plan. Our expert technicians conduct thorough checkups, inspect for leaks, clear drains, and replace filters, guaranteeing your system operates at its best. Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for more information. 

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