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Cracked Bricks

racked bricks are not just a matter of aesthetics; —they serve as indicators that there is a significant concern with your home. 

At BQ Basements & Concrete, we understand how concerning foundation issues can be for homeowners. As homeowners ourselves, we’re committed to delivering prompt, efficient, and tailored foundation repair solutions to every resident in Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey. 

Count on BQ Basements & Concrete to resolve the issue of cracked bricks. 

What are Brick Cracks? 

Exterior brick cracks frequently manifest in a stair-step pattern along the mortar lines between bricks. They can vary from fine hairline fractures to substantial gaps or deteriorating mortar. However, they go beyond mere aesthetics; they serve as a sign that your home is facing foundation problems. 

What Causes Brick Cracks? 

Cracks in bricks arise from factors that exert pressure on your home’s foundation. When the foundation sinks or settles, the exterior brick walls bear the strain, resulting in cracks. 

Several factors contribute to the formation of cracked brick walls: 

  • Foundation Settlement – When sections beneath your foundation sink or shift, it disrupts the overall level of the structure. This irregular weight distribution puts stress on brick walls. Foundation subsidence is frequently triggered by problematic soils such as expansive clay. 
  • Tree Roots – Intrusive tree roots extending beneath your foundation can displace bricks and mortar. They alter the soil’s composition and infiltrate vulnerable areas. 
  • Soil Issues – Expansive soil beneath your residence can undergo shifts and displacement with fluctuations in moisture levels. This uneven movement of soil places strain on the integrity of foundations and brick walls. 

Can You Fix Cracked Bricks? 

Yes, mending cracked bricks is possible! However, it’s not as straightforward as simply re-grouting the mortar lines. The underlying issues that contribute to the cracking must be tackled first. 

While there are short-term crack fillers and mortar repair kits available at local big box stores, they do not offer a lasting fix. As the root cause stems from a foundation problem, the cracks will persist and potentially worsen unless properly addressed. 

Attempting DIY repairs on your home’s structure can also lead to unintended consequences. It’s best to rely on experts like BQ Basements & Concrete who have more than 25 years of experience in this field. 

How to Fix Cracked Bricks 

When you choose BQ Basements & Concrete, you gain access to tailor-made remedies such as helical piers and push piers. These piers are installed beneath the foundation, twisting into the ground until they reach bedrock. They elevate and steady the settling foundations. 

Additional solutions that effectively address the root causes of foundation damage encompass: 

  • Wall Anchors – Steel anchors are embedded in the foundation walls and securely fastened into stable soil on the exterior. This counters inward bowing and cracking. 
  • Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement – We affix carbon fiber straps to bowing basement walls using epoxy. The exceptional tensile strength provides stability to brick walls. 

Why Address Brick Cracks Now? 

Though it may be tempting to disregard minor brick cracks, neglecting them allows underlying issues to escalate over time. Here are a few reasons why you should promptly attend to the issue: 

  • Avoid Expensive Repairs – The earlier foundation issues are addressed, the less damage and repair expenses you will face in the future. 
  • Prevent Moisture Infiltration – Cracks permit water infiltration into your basement and crawl space, fostering mold growth and wood rot. 
  • Restore Home Value – Cracked and deteriorating brick walls diminish the appeal of your home to potential buyers. Structural repairs enhance property value

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Cracked Brick Repairs 

If you’ve observed cracked bricks on your home’s exterior walls, don’t hesitate to contact BQ Basements & Concrete. We offer free inspections to pinpoint the underlying causes and can provide a same-day repair estimate. Our expert technicians offer foundation repair solutions to permanently stabilize your brick walls.  


Horizontal cracks typically indicate that the wall is bowing due to excessive soil pressure and/or foundation settlement. These cracks are indicative of structural instability, necessitating foundation repairs.

Brick veneers, basement walls, and the chimney are primary areas to focus on. Cracks can initially appear inconspicuous in these areas. 

Reapplying mortar to the brick cracks won’t halt additional cracking. It’s crucial to address the underlying foundation issues beforehand, and then proceed with re-grouting the bricks. 

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