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Floor Crack

Have you noticed cracks in your basement floor? While it may be tempting to overlook the issue, these floor cracks demand immediate attention to prevent further damage. 

Neglecting floor cracks undermines your home’s structural integrity and invites groundwater seepage, creating unhealthy living conditions for your family. BQ Basements & Concrete is committed to keeping your family safe. We provide foundation and crawl space repair and basement waterproofing for Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware.  

Gain peace of mind knowing you receive trustworthy home repairs and dependable customer service from BQ Basements & Concrete. 

Learn more about floor cracks, their causes, and what you can do to address them below. 

What Are Floor Cracks?  

Floor cracks are any division, fissure, or break in your home’s foundation flooring. They manifest due to factors such as pressure imbalances and structural issues. 

Floor cracks are often accompanied by other issues, including: 

While not every crack poses a structural risk to your home, it is essential to address them promptly in order to avoid potential problems such as water damage. 

What Causes Floor Cracks?  

There are many reasons why floor cracks occur in your home. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough inspection to identify the underlying cause accurately and recommend the best course of action. Below are a few of the most common reasons for floor cracks:

Material Contraction  

Home flooring utilizes a range of materials, with concrete being the most prevalent. While prized for its durability, concrete can contract while curing. This uneven shrinkage often results in the formation of cracks. While these cracks may not present immediate structural concerns, they can allow for water infiltration and other forms of damage if not promptly addressed. 

Excessive Weight 

It’s essential to evaluate the weight-bearing capacity of your floors before placing heavy items like furniture or iron safes, as certain flooring types may be prone to developing cracks under such pressure. Conducting routine inspections for signs of stress or damage can help detect potential issues early, promoting the longevity and stability of your flooring. Taking proactive measures like using furniture pads or evenly distributing weight can significantly reduce the risk of undue strain on your floors. 

Ground Displacement  

Changes in soil conditions beneath your home, influenced by factors like rain, drought, or erosion, can significantly impact the stability of your foundation. These changes result in floor shifting, leading to cracks and surface irregularities. It’s important to monitor and address these shifts promptly to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Regular inspections and professional intervention can help prevent damage from sinking and settling foundation issues. 

Soil Type  

Expansive soil, commonly found in regions with high clay content, swells with moisture and contracts as it dries out. This continuous cycle applies substantial pressure on foundations, causing them to experience both upward force and contraction. These movements create gaps beneath the foundation, leading to settling and additional stress on the structure. Over time, this recurring process leads to visible cracks. 

Foundation Heave  

Water accumulation beneath your floors exerts pressure on your foundation, causing it to heave upward and crack. Over time, this water pressure widens cracks, increasing the risk of water infiltration into your home. Regular inspections and drainage solutions can help mitigate the potential damage caused by this water pressure on your foundation. 

Can Floor Cracks Be Repaired?  

Absolutely! Floor cracks are repairable. Advanced technology enables us to target specific trouble spots without requiring a complete floor replacement.  

We discourage repairing these issues on your own. Attempting repairs alone may only conceal surface imperfections, leaving underlying problems unaddressed. For lasting results, professional assessments and installations are essential.  

Floor cracks exhibit diverse characteristics, including their type, location, pattern, and size, influencing the necessary repair approach. For these reasons, BQ Basements & Concrete employs a thorough inspection process to address your issue accurately. 

Advanced Floor Crack Repair by BQ Basements & Concrete 

Our commitment to customer service, attention to detail, and efficiency is a source of great pride. These qualities lead numerous homeowners to recommend our home repair solutions confidently. Here’s our approach: 

Comprehensive Inspection  

Our experts examine each crack, noting its location, length, width, and pattern. This comprehensive inspection reveals the underlying factors, such as ground movement, shrinkage, or heave, allowing us to employ the most effective treatment for your home’s unique needs.  

Weight Redistribution 

We deploy specialized foundation piers driven deep into the stable soil when floor instability results from ground shifts. These piers redistribute weight, potentially restoring the floor to its original level. Our range includes three types: helical, push, and slab piers. For instance, as illustrated here, slab piers are tailored for homes built on concrete slab foundations. 

Wall Reinforcement  

Factors causing floor cracks can also result in wall cracks. We implement basement repair techniques such as steel I-beams and wall anchor systems, and channel anchors to fortify and prevent further damage.  

These methods are applied strategically to provide robust reinforcement, ensuring the stability and integrity of your walls. Our experienced team carefully assesses each situation to determine the most effective approach for lasting results. 

Water Management

Safeguarding your home against hydrostatic pressure, heave, and moisture is paramount. Our basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation solutions include interior drains, sump pumps, vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers designed to effectively keep water out of your living space. 

These advanced technologies allow us to create a secure barrier against potential basement water damage, providing peace of mind and ensuring the longevity of your home’s foundation. The BQ Basements & Concrete team tailors each solution to suit your property’s unique needs and characteristics. 

Why You Should Promptly Address Floor Cracks  

Addressing floor cracks right away is crucial; even minor fissures can escalate into substantial foundation issues. Prompt action is necessary for the following reasons: 

  • Continuous elemental pressure leads to the rapid expansion of cracks. 
  • Persistent cracks lead to water intrusion, mold growth, and soil erosion.  
  • Unaddressed floor cracks can result in ongoing structural problems and settling floors. 
  • Delaying repair increases costs, especially in the event of water damage.  

Your home’s foundation is essential to its stability, so it is important to pay attention to indicators like floor cracks. BQ Basements & Concrete offers fast and effective solutions beyond surface-level fixes to strengthen your home’s foundation.  

Contact the Professionals at BQ Basements & Concrete  

Mitigate potential structural instability and water damage risks by acting at the first sign of cracks. BQ Basements & Concrete provides state-of-the-art methods for mending cracks and fortifying your home’s foundation.  

Reach out today to schedule a complimentary inspection and safeguard the structural integrity of your residence. Choose comprehensive solutions from the reliable experts at BQ Basements & Concrete. 

Understanding the cause of your floor cracks is essential for effective treatment. BQ Basements & Concrete uses repair methods to resolve your home’s foundation issues permanently. Contact us for a free inspection today. 


Opting for a professional inspection and timely repair of floor cracks is optimal. The earlier you identify and rectify floor cracks, the simpler and more budget-friendly the solution will be. 

The expenses are contingent on the severity of the cracks and necessary repairs. BQ Basements & Concrete offers complimentary assessments, transparent pricing, flexible financing options, and preventative maintenance to avoid costlier repairs down the line. Contact us to arrange your free inspection. 

How long the repairs take depends on the problem’s extent and the chosen approach. Minor crack repairs may be completed within a day or two, whereas more extensive solutions might

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