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Uneven Floors

At BQ Basements & Concrete, we have extensive experience repairing homes with uneven floors caused by foundation settlement, crawl space issues, and other structural problems. 

Our skilled technicians will precisely diagnose the root causes of your uneven floors and suggest effective solutions for foundation repair to level and stabilize your home. 

What Are Uneven Floors? 

Uneven floors are floors that are not level or flat. They can cause an uneven walking surface, with some areas of the floor being higher than others. Symptoms like sticking doors, cracking drywall, and gaps between the floor and baseboards often accompany uneven floors. 

What Causes Uneven Floors? 

There are a few leading causes of uneven floors: 

1. Foundation Settlement 

Foundation settlement occurs when the soil beneath your home shifts and sinks, pulling your foundation down, usually by a few inches. The uneven sinking of a foundation can significantly damage your home. Settlement occurs naturally due to the soil cycle of expanding and contracting as moisture saturates it and then evaporates. 

2. Floor Joists Failing 

If your house has a crawl space, the floor joists on which your floor and subfloor rest will deteriorate over time. Moisture damage is one of the main reasons for uneven floors in homes with crawl spaces. If the crawl space is not encapsulated correctly, moisture can build up and cause wood rot. This can cause the floors to sag

You should regularly check your crawl space for signs of moisture intrusion and mold to prevent these problems. Encapsulating your crawl space can prevent moisture buildup and strengthen your floor joists. If you notice any issues with your floor joists or crawl space, it is crucial to address them as soon as possible to prevent further damage and keep your home and family safe. 

3. Structural Issues in Your Basement 

Homes with basement structural issues can have various instances of uneven floors. These problems include basement floor cracks, bowing walls, and shearing walls, which allow water to seep into the basement. Therefore, it is crucial to address basement issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the safety and stability of your home. 

4. Poor Foundation Drainage 

When the soil surrounding your foundation becomes saturated with water, such as during periods of rain or snowmelt, the drainage system around your home serves as the first line of defense. However, over time, the drainage gets clogged with soil. When this happens, and the soil expands with water, it results in hydrostatic pressure. This pressure cracks foundation walls and floors, potentially causing uneven flooring. 

Identifying the specific cause is vital to fixing uneven floors permanently. Our technicians evaluate all foundation elements to pinpoint the issue. 

Can Uneven Floors Be Repaired? 

Uneven floors can be repaired by addressing the underlying cause. At BQ Basements & Concrete, we use proven methods to lift, stabilize, and level your floors depending on the type of foundation on which your home is built. 

How We Fix Uneven Floors: 

Our network of foundation piers levels floors by transferring the home’s weight to stable soils. We also repair any cosmetic damage resulting from uneven floors. 

Why Fix Uneven Floors Now? 

Fixing uneven floors is important for several reasons: 

  • It prevents further structural damage caused by worsening issues. 
  • It improves safety by eliminating tripping hazards. 
  • It stops related problems, such as sticking doors and drywall cracks. 
  • It increases home value by restoring level floors. 
  • It provides peace of mind knowing that your home’s foundation is secure. 

At BQ, we have the knowledge and technology to permanently fix uneven floors. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate! 

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Uneven Floor Repair 

If you observe uneven or sinking floors, it is important to promptly seek professional repairs and leveling services.  

BQ has the expertise to identify the root cause and execute proven solutions. We provide free, no-obligation estimates on our floor leveling services. Our foundation repair specialists can assess your floors and suggest tailored repair solutions. Contact us online or by phone to begin the process! 


Uneven floors may be caused by several factors, such as foundation settlement, sinking crawl spaces, or other structural issues. It’s essential to identify the specific cause to fix the uneven floors permanently. 

The cost of leveling uneven floors depends on the underlying cause and the extent of the damage. At BQ, we provide free, no-obligation estimates on our foundation repair services, and we also offer flexible financing to help you work within your budget. 

Signs that your house may be settling include: 

  • Sagging floors 
  • Cracks in walls or ceilings 
  • Sticking doors or windows 
  • Floor gaps. 

If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to have a professional evaluate your home. 

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