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Channel Anchors

Our integrated steel bracing system utilizes channel anchors to stabilize bowing and shearing basement walls permanently. Learn how channel anchors permanently correct inward basement wall movement and potentially straighten walls to their original plumb position. 

BQ Basements & Concrete has installed channel anchor systems in thousands of homes across Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, ensuring permanent foundation bracing and restoring homeowners’ peace of mind. Our team of experts handles the entire basement repair process, from inspection to installation, to stabilize your home’s foundation. 

 Channel anchors offer a proven solution to the noticeable signs of foundation damage, such as cracking walls, sticking doors, or uneven floors. 

What Are Channel Anchors? 

Channel anchors are steel bracing systems that stabilize bowing or shearing basement walls permanently. The system features anchors driven into the ground on the foundation’s exterior. The anchors then connect to steel channel brackets mounted to the basement walls using threaded anchor rods. 

The channel anchors span from floor to ceiling and are bolted to the concrete floor for maximum structural support. By bracing your foundation walls against stable soil, channel anchors counteract destructive soil pressure and moisture damage. They also allow the potential to straighten walls back to their original upright position over time. 

Signs You Need Channel Anchors 

Channel anchors are recommended if you notice common signs of foundation deterioration: 

Don’t ignore minor foundation issues; they could develop into major structural problems. Channel anchors offer a proven solution to stabilize your home before extensive repairs become necessary. 

Why Channel Anchors Are Crucial 

It’s crucial to address bowing foundation walls immediately before further deterioration occurs. Ongoing soil pressure against unstable walls causes damage to intensify without proper structural bracing. 

Delaying repairs also enables water intrusion through the cracks, leading to mold growth and efflorescence. Severely compromised walls even run the risk of collapse. 

Channel anchors reinforce your home’s foundation, preventing catastrophic damage. We recommend channel anchors as a permanent solution to stabilize walls and give you peace of mind. 

Benefits of Channel Anchors 

Channel anchors from BQ Basements & Concrete offer numerous benefits: 

  • Stop and prevent additional wall movement 
  • Return walls to their original plumb position 
  • Restore structural stability without replacing the foundation 
  • Protect against soil pressure and water damage 
  • Discreet internal bracing won’t alter your living space 
  • Efficient installation with minimal disturbance to your property 
  • Transferable warranties from a trusted local company 

By stabilizing your foundation with channel anchors, you avoid costly repairs in the future. Contact us for a free foundation inspection and repair quote

Our Channel Anchor Installation Process 

Our certified technicians follow these key steps to install channel anchors: 

  • Inspect your foundation and map out custom anchor locations. 
  • Bore holes and install earth anchors into stable soil outside. 
  • Drill small holes through basement walls for anchor rods. 
  • Connect anchor rods underground to earth anchors. 
  • Mount steel channel brackets to interior basement walls. 
  • Secure channel anchors to the concrete floor for maximum stability. 
  • Tighten anchor rods incrementally over time to potentially straighten walls. 

We take great care to protect your property during our efficient installation process. You can count on quality workmanship from our experienced local team. 

Why BQ Basements & Concrete’s Channel Anchors Are Best-In-Class 

BQ Basements & Concrete has the proven expertise to stabilize your home’s foundation permanently. Our team of experts has repaired thousands of homes over decades serving the community. We are confident we can help you, too. 

We make the repair process easy by handling everything from inspection to installation, safeguarding your property during the process. We are dedicated to helping you restore your home’s structural integrity. If you notice any signs of foundation damage, don’t wait for it to worsen. Call us today! 

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Channel Anchors Today 

You can count on BQ Basements & Concrete to repair your home’s foundation. Our experienced team is committed to providing high-quality solutions to ensure your foundation is safe and stable. Our channel anchors are a proven solution, designed to keep your foundation stable permanently.  

We want to give our clients the best possible service, so we offer a free inspection to find potential issues and suggest the best course of action.  

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and protect your home’s foundation for years to come. 


Our team can typically complete the installation in one day or less. We use minimal excavation and small wall penetrations for fast, efficient installation.

In many cases, yes. Channel anchors halt movement in severely damaged walls by resisting soil pressure. Book a free inspection so we can evaluate your specific situation. 

Channel anchors are a minimally invasive solution, so major demolition and remodeling are not typically required. However, minor cosmetic repairs may be needed. Our team will discuss the best approach for your project. 

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